Moose Hunts

2016 Hunt Highlights - Click to enlarge.

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Our hunting area produces some of the largest moose in Alberta.


Athough our average moose antlers range from 35" - 45", this area has produced some bulls with up to and over 60" antlers. In fact, much of our hunting area, WMU 351, has not experienced any hunting pressure at all. Thus, we know there are trophy moose out there.


We are a results-oriented outfitter!

Alberta Hunting Licenses


In Alberta, all the Non-Resident licenses are on an allocation system. We have the maximum number of moose allocations that the Alberta Government will allow, so when the allocations are booked, that means we can then book for the next season. In june of each year, when the new regulations come, out, we send you a form to be completed and sent back to us. We can then pre-purchase a license for your requested license and tags.




Temperature can vary from 20ºC to -20ºC.  You can expect extreme temperature changes daily.


Clothing and Gear


Gore-Tex clothing is your best friend. Hunters should be prepared with good footwear for walking, posting on hillside or swampy terrain. Good rain gear, jacket and pants are essential. Warm gloves and a hat or cap, heavy jacket as well as long underwear, wool pants and shirt will make enduring the cold climate much easier.


Once your deposit is received we will send you a detailed list of clothing and equipment to bring so that you that you are well equiped for your Alberta adventure!




The camp consists of several very spacious 12' x 14' high wall tents. All tents are equipped with wood burnng heaters, electric lights and wooden bunks built in them. Generally there are only two (2) hunters per tent and not over 6 hunters in the camp at one time. In bad weather you are high and dry off the ground. There is a hot pressure shower in each remote camp.


Transportation in the Field


Providing our hunters with good dependable 8-wheel drive all-terrain vehicles (Argos and Quads) as transportation in the field, enables us to achieve our reputation of high success. Your appreciation for these vehicles becomes apparent when transporting your game to camp, to the trucks or to the butcher, as the average trophy can weigh in at 1200 - 1400 pounds.


Meat Care


All the meat of the animals killed is removed from camp. We have a pre-arranged agreement with a butcher for the cutting, wrapping and freezing of the meat within 48 hours so that you can be on your way home with no worry of spoilage (or arrange to have the meat shipped at a later date). The butcher prepares the meat the way you want. The cost of this service is your responsibility.


Trophy Care


We will do the cleaning and skinning of your game. If you would like the animal caped, your guide will prepare the trophy properly for the taxidermist.




For an archer hunter, the score required for Pope & Young on Canadian Moose is 135. A very high percentage of our bulls surpass that score. Even though our success rate for archery moose is lower than that of our rifle hunters, your chance at a book moose is conceivably much greater.


Requirements for Archery Hunters


Alberta's archery laws require a minimum forty (40) pound draw weight with a broadhead diameter of no less than one (1) inch. Arrow length must be at least twenty-four (24) inches.

We suggest no less than a sixty (60) pound draw weight and prefer a one hundred and twenty-five (125) grain three blade broadhead or better. Your shots will range from 10 - 60 yards.




For rifle hunters, a magnum calibre is preferred, but not essential. It's not the calibre, it's the bullet you use and where it is placed.  Be sure to bring a high quality bonded style bullet. We believe the best rifle to bring is the rifle you can hit your target with. Most shots are within 100 yards. It is very easy to bring a rifle into Canada. We furnish all the required permits, so tell us about your needs without delay.


Method of Hunting


A proven method for rifle and archery hunters, which we use is posting on the cutlines and stalking the moose after we see them. In the early season, we do a lot of calling as moose are very vocal during the rut. Whether you are an archery or rifle hunter, no one will ever forget the thrill of calling one of these northern monsters out of the woods for that perfect shot. In the late season, we are driving and glassing the area with 4x4 trucks and when we find tracks, we are able to locate the moose.